Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Poteau

Hey guys... Long time no blog right? Well, there are many reasons for my hiatus (and by many I mean 2):

1. I forgot how to log into this thing.
2. I had to travel back to Poteau for the weekend.

I know I haven't been blogging long enough to take a break, but it's my blog... so I can do whatever I want.

Let's talk about Poteau (PO-DO) for a moment... Good ol' Poteau. There are many things people don't know about this great little town I grew up in, so here are a few interesting facts (and by interesting I mean completely uninteresting):

1. Poteau is home of Cavanal: The World's Highest Hill... it is just 1 foot from being a mountain, it is probably a mountain by now... but we will never let go of that title. Also, since Poteau is so small I can tell you who lives in every blurry house in that picture... and when I googled it the first picture that came up was taken by my 8th grade geography teacher.


2. I'm out of interesting Poteau facts, I guess it wasn't that interesting... oh well, I'm tired of typing anyway.... Anyone else know any interesting Poteau facts?

3. My friend Megan calls it Potato.

4. Maria's is the best Mexican restaurant ever.

On to a new topic! I have had the Duffy CD Rockferry for a long time now, and I am still not sick of it... I love every song on it, and I listen to it about 35 times a day.


  1. One day I will visit this fairytale land called Potato.

  2. Calling it Potato is sooooo 1988.
    Come to Tahlequah.

  3. I love Potato! Bring me some spuds from Warehouse Willie's.

  4. Funny and educational. I'm so glad I'm following.