Monday, February 2, 2009

I Loathe Groundhog's Day

I have a list of three holidays that I absolutely hate... so you get to hear (or read) my rant about them...

1. New Year's Eve - I feel that this holiday is crap. I feel like there is too much pressure to go out and have fun, I'd rather sit at home like any other night, but whatever. I never feel any different at midnight, and for some reason even though I stay up until almost midnight every night I always want to go to bed before 12 on New Year's... maybe it's my inner self trying to proove a point. Who knows? I also hate it because I spend the first two months of the new year making scribble marks on the date line of my checks.

2. Valentine's Day - Again... I feel like there is too much pressure. If you are single it seems like all single people are ridiculously bitter that day (and I want to punch people who call it Singles Awareness Day) and people who are in a relationship have all of this pressure to be nice. I'll be nice when I feel like it! But I do like the candy... so that's a plus...

3. This is the big one.... GROUNDHOG'S DAY. This is the stupidest holiday of the year in my opinion. First of all... unless you are from whatever town the Groundhog lives in no one celebrates. Even bank employees have to work on Groundhog's Day, and they get off for EVERYTHING. You don't get any good food... and I refuse to admit that my fate for the next 6 weeks depends on whether a beaver with no tail sees his shadow... I'm going to kill that beaver someday...


  1. I don't know how you follow me. I can't figure it out either. =O

  2. I am pretty sure it is a felony to kill the groundhog so good luck with that.

    At least all the holidays you hate are over by February 14. Then you have a whole year left of happiness! My favorite holiday is talk like a pirate day, but I think you knew that.