Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Like Drivin'

Yep that's right, my last post was on March 9th... I am very busy and important.

So this weekend I took a little trip back to Poteau to get my hair did.  Yes, I made a 6 hour round trip to sit and get my hair done for 2 hours.  Was it worth it?  You betcha.  Cheryl has been doing my hair for a very VERY long time and I'm just not ready to give her up... It's good enough that when I tell people I am going to get my hair done I get a weird look followed by "that isn't your natural color?"  To which I ALWAYS lie and say "well OF COURSE it is..." but it's definitely not.  According to Dad (who I'm sure was a poet in his former life... someday I'll do a whole post of Frank-isms): "Driving to Poteau to get your hair done?  That's the most practical thing I've heard all day."  Kacee's response?  Well if I had a mullet as cool as yours I wouldn't worry about it either....

While I was home I got to eat at my fave Mexican restaurant ever... Maria's!  Kyle was jealous so I brought him back some (and me some more!) and we had it for dinner tonight.  You can't beat that place... the food is awesome... it's cheap... and I get to see everyone I didn't want to see while we eat.... cha.  

As we were eating our Maria's tonight we were having a discussion about how all Mexican restaurants are different.  It seems to me that almost everyone's fave Mexican food is in their hometown.  Now, I do love me some Abuelo's.... but nothing will take the place of my beloved Maria's Derek Special with cheese..... mmmmmmm....

It really was a pretty eventful weekend.  I drove to Poteau to get my hair done and say hi to my family, then came back and since it was so nice outside we decided to go to The Mont for awhile.  I absolutely love when you can sit outside there... my fave.  I had a friend staying with me this weekend so we skipped church this morning and I made waffles, bacon, sausage, and eggs (well, Kyle made the eggs... eggs me no likey) and then we watched some old videos of us at CASC embarrassing ourselves.  I then made the colossal mistake of agreeing to watch The Descent.... yikes!  

Well, I'm bored with this... I'll post again when I have something worth saying.... or next time I'm bored...

CD's I'm currently listening to and loving..

Still not sick of Duffy
Missy Higgins
Schuyler Fisk

Monday, March 9, 2009


No, I'm not really all that sick, but I am a little under the weather so you need to feel bad for me... gah, some people are so inconsiderate.

Do you watch Rock of Love Bus? Well, I do and it is fabulous... this is my fave clip of the year so far....


OK, so Kyle and I continued my birthday celebration (from January 30th) last weekend by going to see Bonnie Raitt at the Riverwind Casino. Let's talk about why I loved this venue.

1. There are only 1,500 seats, so basically there isn't a bad seat in the house.
2. It's in an Indian Casino, trashy people to stare at as far as the eye can see.
3. No smoking in the concert hall... suh-weet!
4. Big cushy chairs, and since everyone there was old we sat down the whole time!

Bonnie Raitt was amazing, I wish that I could be that awesome when I'm older someday. Also, I want to play kickin' guitar solos.

On another note in my sickness I rented Beverly Hills Chihuahua... what?! Yep. Apparently in my "I'm just gonna pull stuff off the shelves" I ended up with that... and Madagascar 2. I'm not gonna lie though, Madagascar 2 was really funny. I haven't made it to Beverly Hills Chihuahua (or BHC for those of us in the know), but I will let you know as soon as I watch that piece of cinematic genius.

Last but not least is the funniest blog I've ever read, but if you don't enjoy the filthy language I suggest you run... far, far, away. Katie, you make sure to read it. The end.