Sunday, April 12, 2009

Please Move It

This weekend I figured out a new pet peeve...


OK folks, I text message all the time, so I could care less about that, but being at Wal-Mart when it is crazy crowded is not the place to stop in front of me to text message someone. It makes it worse if you are wearing Uggs and a brightly colored sweatsuit. Hold still so I can punch your stupid face.

Also, I did something stupid. I was looking at my Cox bill and I was thinking "Oh my gosh I never watch any of this stuff." Really I only watch NBC, ABC, TLC, and Food Network, so when I was looking at all of the channels I have I thought "this is dumb." So I called Cox and cancelled a ton of stuff. At this point I'm feeling pretty good about myself... until tonight. I sat down to watch my fave show How It's Made and I got this message... "To order this channel please contact Cox." It killed me a little on the inside. How will I know where hot dogs come from? What about hockey boots?! This is a travesty... I think it comes on the Discovery Channel too, so I haven't lost it all, but it still hurts a little...

On another note... Happy Easter! We had a good one... church was fantastic and we had a great lunch! I hope you guys had a great one too! Peace out...

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  1. I totally get it. You cannot stop abruptly in the middle of a walkway. If you need to stop, you must pull over to the side lest I run you over.

    Also, I hope you still have A&E because you need to check out that exterminator show I mentioned,