Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Spaghetti in the Garbage Disposal

OK folks... here's the story:

So the other night I decided to make us spaghetti for dinner and I thought "oh, I'll just half the package and put the rest back in the cabinet." FAIL! I was pouring it in and the whole package got dumped. No biggie, I'll just make it all and save the rest.

So all of the food is ready and I'm not gonna lie... it looks like something Paula Deen made ya'll (because I'm sure Paula uses Ragu). We eat and I start the dreaded process of cleaning up the kitchen, because you know Kyle isn't going to help when something is on MTV that he has seen 30 times already.

During the clean up I think "ya know what... I don't' want to keep all this pasta." So I pour it into the garbage disposal and this happens:

Spaghetti SHOOTS out of the other side of the sink... sticks to the walls... Bark's standing in the middle of it all with pasta hanging out of his mouth and stuck to his little head while I'm thinking "can a dog even eat pasta?" All this time the sink is filling with water and pasta is still flying around my kitchen. I turn of the disposal and call the maintenance man because there is no way I'm attempting to fix this one.

So the maintenance man comes in and he's all "how much pasta did you put in here?" I shrugged and said "oh, not much," which was a total lie, because I know it was like 2 pounds of that stuff. I also neglected to mention that I didn't turn the water on until after I had already stuffed it down the disposal.

I'm still picking spaghetti off of my walls, and it's been awhile. Oops...


  1. You're domestically disabled. Wub!

  2. Such a good story. I'll never tire of that one. You should have taken a picture.